Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Winston County Master Gardens Yard of the Month-May

Need a break from your daily life? Want to relax and enjoy the miracles of nature? The Winston County Master Gardeners (WCMG) Yard of the Month Committee has just the place for you. It is the yard of Carolyn Hisaw, who lives at 1146 Bond Road.

Carolyn is the epitome of a true master gardener. Her yard (grounds, really) is 24 years in the making. She began with a blank slate of only a couple of existing trees. She has toiled these many years and the outcome is a gorgeous masterpiece. The manifestation of her talent and hard work is a yard that we believe even God would gaze upon with awe and appreciation.

You must drive up the driveway toward Carolyn's house to get the full effect of this masterpiece. Carolyn, a most gracious host, welcomes everyone to do so. She loves to show people around, talking about gardening with fellow nature lovers, and it is likely that one will not leave empty handed, as she loves to share cuttings of her pass along heirlooms.

As you meander around her natural trails, you will notice old faithful nandinas existing happily with new and surprising specimens of roses, azaleas, hosta, fern, and much more, as she has an impossible number of plant species to mention here. Additionally, there is an impressive array of unique yard art and bottle trees.

They hope you will visit Carolyn's yard for yourselves. You may be lucky enough to leave with a cutting to plant in your own garden and become a part of Carolyn's green thumb legacy. Beginning gardeners or experienced old timers like many of the WCMG, will find much to appreciate in this special garden.

Thanks go out to Frances Ball for bringing Carolyn's 24 year labor of love to their attention. April showers have indeed brought May flowers to our beautiful May Yard of the Month--the yard of Carolyn Hisaw!