Friday, May 15, 2015

Winston Sheriff Makes Arrest in Strong Arm Robbery

A possible second attempt at a strong arm robbery on Hwy 14 East
near the county line has led to an arrest. On Monday, May 4th, a resident was placing garbage by the side of the road in the early morning hours when he was struck from behind and a cell phone was taken. In what appears to be a  second attempt on the same victim, the tables were turned on a suspect.

At around 4:40 am this morning (Friday, May 15), the same resident exited his home to go to work and discovered someone crouching behind his vehicle. The resident was armed but no shots were fired as the suspect fled.

The ongoing investigation by the Sheriff's Department led to a prime suspect who was brought in today for questioning.

The black male who is approximately 18 years of age made a statement that he was involved in the incident after questioning by Winston County Sheriff investigators.

Sheriff Jason Pugh indicated that the Department had been searching for the suspect for several days. The suspect is a Noxubee County native but was located this morning at a residence in Winston County.

Pugh said that the suspect was being held for arraignment in the Winston County Justice Court on Monday. Because the investigation is ongoing and there is the possibility of additional arrests, the suspect's name is being withheld until that time.