Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Artwork Part of Juneteenth Day Celebration

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, at Juneteenth Day Celebration, the art above was posted and dedicated in
Artwork Dedicated in Memory of Claudell Weaver
Dean Park, Louisville, MS in memory of Claudell Hughes-Weaver, who was a Dean Park Commissioner from February 12, 2001 - until her death December 9, 2014. The art was donated by the Friends of Dean Park, Inc. (FODP). Claudell worked many hours with FODP, Dean Park Commissioners and others to make Dean Park a beautiful place - with more work to be done. The Winston County Board of Supervisors declared June 6, 2015 "Claudell Weaver Day" in Winston County. Claudell was first appointed by Supervisor Bob Goodin in 2001 and later by Supervisor Luke Parkes.

The Winston County Voters and Education League sponsored Juneteenth Day and donated a garden bench in Claudell's memory, also. Claudell is the founder of Juneteenth Day in Louisville, Ms., which is a celebration for African American’s Independence. Juneteenth Day was celebrated annually in Milwaukee, WI where she lived prior to moving to Louisville, MS. She was persuasive in getting the Voters League to embrace the celebration in Louisville, MS in 1984.

If you would like to donate or volunteer to help continue improvements to Dean Park, please contact: Friends of Dean Park, Inc., P.O. Box 365, Louisville, MS. 39339, Elder Richard Moncrief, 662.737.3323, Elmetra Patterson 510.672-2106