Tuesday, June 30, 2015

District Parent of Year Hosts Reception for LHS Seniors

L to R: Rita Eichelberger (center) with daughters
 Montana (left) and Asia Eichelberger (right)
Rita Eichelberger was selected as Parent of the Year 2014-2015 of the Louisville Municipal School District, Louisville, MS.

During the 2014-2015 school year, Rita headed several fundraisers for the band, cheerleaders, the soccer team drama club, TSA and BETA clubs just to name a few. The fundraisers consisted of strawberry sales, the selling of BOGO cards, bake sales, car washes and the selling of t-shirts. As stated by Rita “As the parent of Montana and Asia Eichelberger, I feel it is my job to encourage them to head in the right direction. Because I feel it takes a village to rear a child, what I do for my children I am inclusive of their peers also. My infectious enthusiasm is transferred to all of the children. They wholeheartedly throw themselves into their assignments and really give their all. I instill in them the idea that everyone benefits from our success! In the years to come, they can proudly look back and see the good they have done, be it the cheerleader uniforms or the gymnasium or whatever else we have worked toward. Most importantly, they were encouraged to engage in community service.”

Unfortunately, Rita was ill and was not present to accept her award as District Parent of the year and therefore her husband, Paul Eichelberger accepted it for her. Upon her return to good health, she became determined to do something to help the seniors of Louisville High School feel better as they dealt with the disappointment of not receiving a School Annual. As she sees it, the lack of publication of their senior school annual means much of their pictorial educational history is lost. Many other photos are shown at http://www.louisvillehigh.com/

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, she hosted a reception for the seniors at LHS with a cake decorated with a graduation cap. She asked them to take pictures with her and promised to get them published in the media. Here goes in groups: