Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nanih Waiya Park Groundbreaking- From Pipe Dream to Reality

Folks sought out the shade and found a cool breeze this afternoon (Thursday 6-25) as they gathered in the Nanih Waiya Community for the official groundbreaking of the Nanih Waiya Community Park.

Much work has already been completed on the project that was considered to be a pipe dream by many just two years ago. Dirt work and site preparation as well as framing for the community center have been completed as the community gathered to conduct an official groundbreaking ceremony.

Park Board President Jerry Hemphill welcomed the crowd and offered thanks to the many who donated time, money and services in kind to get the project underway.

Reverend Mike Dowd, the President of the Winston County Chamber of Commerce was also on hand to note the park's role in economic development in Winston County and the "get it done" attitude of the Nanih Waiya Community.

Park Board member Ellis Houston and a major contributor also spoke of the area's support including the efforts of many, including the Park's project manager, Dale Fulcher and the more than $100,000 in donations from inside and outside of the community. Houston also pledged to make an additional $50,000 donation in memory of his mother, Dixie Williamson Houston and his uncle Royce Bruce Williamson.

State Senator Giles Ward noted that he was not aware of a similar project of this scale that had been completed recently across the state that did not utilize government or grant funds. The Nanih Waiya Park is all privately funded. Ward attributed the success of the project to the tight family trees and strong social connections that are a part of the Nanih Waiya community.

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The Park is projected to be open by October 10, 2015. Tax deductible contributions can be made to: Nanih Waiya Community Park, P.O. Box 83, Louisville, Ms. 39339