Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GRAND OPENING of Focus Manor, July 18

A Memorial Tribute and Special Thanks to Mrs. Theresa Fulton and Family.

L to R: George A. Miller, executive director, Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Melvin Roberson, Managers. (Photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

The GRAND OPENING of Focus Manor will be Saturday, July 18, 2015, 10:30 a.m. Come out and meet those who made this facility possible. Focus Manor, a residential facility for physically handicapped low income persons, has 13 large one bedroom apartments which are accessible and one 2 bedroom apartment for the onsite managers.

The facility is a positive addition to the Winston County Community. It is one of a kind in the county. Dr. George A. Miller secured the $1.8 million grant from the last of its kind - funded by HUD of Washington, DC. Dr. Miller, pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church, 401 Pontotoc Street Louisville, MS, is also the Executive Director of Focus Manor. Throughout this project he stated that he has watched a vision come to fruition. He said that this community deserves to see many other visions come to realization. He hopes to be an active part of that process.

The purpose of the newly constructed facility is to provide a safe and secure residence for individuals with a certified physically handicap condition. There will be a sliding fee scale for rental cost. Tenants will be assisted in services from Golden Triangle, which will include meals on wheels, the Department of Human Services and other community service organizations. Other amenities include a meeting room and an office that is opened daily to provide residents with service.

The managers are Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Melvin Roberson who moved to Louisville, MS in July 2011. Before moving Joyce and Melvin managed a transitional house of 90 people for two years in St. Louis, MO. The transitional house served homeless people and those who were recovering from alcohol and drugs. Melvin is an ordained Elder and was Director of Ministry for Southern Baptist in the St. Louis Metropolitan area for 2 years. Joyce has worked in Head Start in both Missouri and Mississippi for a total of 25 years. Most of those years, she worked as a manager of a Head Start Center. Her most recent employment was with New York University as a researcher. She stated, “We are family oriented and have a great love for people. There are still openings and applications are onsite for potential residents.” 

You may contact Focus Manor Manager Joyce Roberson, 662.446-9008 or George A. Miller, executive director of Focus Manor, Inc., for more information.
By Elmetra Patterson