Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Master Gardeners' Tour Held

L to R: Brenda Jowers, master gardener,
 Rachael Brownlee, grand prize winner
(photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)
The Winston County Master Gardeners Association (MCMGA) presented its first tour of three of its members’ gardens. The master gardeners’ whose gardens were toured were Beverly Combs, Letitia Jackson and Brenda Jowers. Over 80 visitors toured each garden. The weather was beautiful all morning but rained on the gardeners and visitors in the afternoon. The rain caught most of the visitors at Beverly Combs and Letitia Jackson’s gardens. They were invited in for snacks and drinks and continued to enjoy their visit.

There were 35 door prizes: potting soil, gloves, fertilizer, insect repellent, beautiful garden art, garden tools, potted plants, signs and many other items for the garden. MCMGA was joined by Winston County Garden Club who brought door prizes and educational material to Brenda Jowers garden. David Jowers was proud to show visitors his vegetable garden which was very healthy looking. No signs of nibbling from deer because of the electric wiring. He had tomatoes and cucumbers to give to visitors.