Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Winston Strong Continues Work in the Community

The April 28th 2014 tornado had a major impact on Winston County, destroying hundreds of homes damaging hundreds more and displacing many families.  The community and state and federal agencies responded to the needs.  No organization responded more than Winston Strong. The non-profit organization was established soon after the tornado for long-term recovery efforts.

Some in the community questioned the contributions and the need for Winston Strong in the early stages of the storm and possibly didn't understand the benefits of providing for the longer term needs of those who lost their home or who needed more long-term assistance.

Over the past year, Winston Strong has provided direct assistance for 145 families.  Funds contributed directly to Winston Strong have exceeded over $500,000.  Through additional charitable donations, the pairing of funds with homeowners limited insurance and contributed labor and materials, this $500,000 has been parlayed into almost $2 million worth of assistance.

As of July 14th, projects have totaled $1,910,358.00 in assistance to 145 families. This assistance came in terms of donations many from organization such as Mississippi Methodist Conference, Mennonite Disaster Service, Christian Aid Ministries and Samaritan's Purse among many others, not to mention donations and volunteer work at the local level.

Said Winston Strong Executive Director Mike Dowd, "We still have currently 18 open projects with 4 Katrina cottages to be dedicated this week.  We have three current Samaritan's Purse projects in progress, three that are being considered by Samaritan's Purse, two  open projects, two repair projects and four yet to build or cottage projects to consider.  Three rebuilds have already been approved to be completed this winter.

There is still a need for funds to complete these projects. To donate or learn more about Winston Strong, visit their website at