Thursday, August 20, 2015

Elect Jody Fulton - Winston County Coroner

After 12 years of service at Taylor Machine Works, I joined the City of Louisville as Recreation Director in the spring of 1995. I was instrumental at getting the stalled ball field complex on Ivy Avenue completed. Completion of this facility helped bring tournaments to Louisville, thus boosting our tax revenue each summer. I worked with community leaders to make improvements to Academy Street Park as well. I oversaw renovations to the Louisville Coliseum funded through a federal grant. These improvements included a new roof and bleachers, new roll-up doors on each end and landscaping.

My next project was to establish the Department of Animal Control. This included renovations of an existing building, the study of area animal control departments to develop codes appropriate for our town, and training for my staff and myself. In this capacity, I’ve worked with local veterinarians and the MSU Wise School of Veterinary Medicine to reduce the number of unwanted animals roaming our streets.

Next, I was placed in charge of the city’s cemeteries. The long-time practice of hiring out grounds maintenance and grave-digging was ended. City employees now perform these duties resulting in long-term savings to the taxpayers. The beautiful new brick entrances to Memorial Garden and Memorial Park and literally hundreds of tombstones and markers were sadly destroyed by the April 2014 tornado, but our crew has worked diligently to restore the beauty of the grounds.

While still working with Animal Control and the cemeteries, I am also in charge of unclean properties and abandoned vehicles. Though the process can be long and tedious, I’ve tried to work with property owners - many times, absentee property owners - to make aesthetic improvements to eliminate eyesores from our neighborhoods.

I would now like to bring my 20-year record of service and efficiency to the office of Winston County Coroner. According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, accidents constitute the third leading cause of death for Winston Countians. My simple pledge to you is that I will work with other agencies and departments to educate our citizens and bring safer roads, homes, and workplaces to Winston County.

Your influence and vote for Jody Fulton for Winston County Coroner in the August 25th Democratic Primary Run-Off election will be greatly appreciated.