Friday, August 14, 2015

Hospital Demolition Pushes Ahead

Winston Medical Center CEO Paul Black got the opportunity to take the first swing in the demolition of the damaged hospital this morning (Friday, August 15). After a few delays and time required for asbestos removal, the structural demolition process began.

Century Construction from Tupelo is contracted to complete the process and their project manager indicated that it would take roughly a month to take the main hospital structure down and separate and remove the debris.

The hospital and adjoining buildings on East Main were heavily damaged in the April 28, 2014 tornado. Winston Medical is currently operating out of a transitional facility on South Church Avenue.

After demolition, the E. Main site will be used to reconstruct a new hospital, clinic and nursing home facility. The current costs are estimated at under $39 million and the tentative completion date is summer 2017.

After separating the debris, plans include the crushing of the brick and concrete to be used as a base for a parking area for the new facility.