Sunday, August 16, 2015

Korea Says Thank You to U.S. Veterans

Winston County Veteran Affairs officer,
Terry Kelly is shown here with a
copy of the book that was distributed
to known Korean veterans.
The United States' direct involvement in hostilities in Korea ended in 1953. The war left the peninsula split into two countries, North and South Korea. For the past 60 years the nation of South Korea has grown and prospered as a democratic society.

As a thank you to US Veterans that served in the conflict, the South Korean government has published and distributed a book called "Korea Reborn" A Grateful Nation. That book has been distributed free to US Veterans of the Korean War and their families as a thank you for their service. The book details the period leading up to the war, the war effort and the United States' involvement. It also documents the growth and strength of a new South Korea that developed under the democratic rule that the US's involvement brought about.

The book was made possible through contributions and effort of the South Korean government, Veterans Associations, and business and industrial associations as well.

In the dedication of this book,  the Republic of  Korea's President stated, " 60 years ago those veterans risked their lives to save our freedom in the republic of Korea. In subsequent years, Korea emerged from the ranks of the poorest countries in the world and has made the unprecedented achievement of both economic development and demilitarization. I sincerely thank once again the veterans, their families, and all of their friends around the world for helping the republican of Korea become what it is today.