Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Presley Announces Second Court Victory for Domestic Violence Victims

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI - (August 10, 2015) –In a major legal victory for victims of domestic violence, last week a state court upheld a Public Service Commission rule, introduced by Commissioner Brandon Presley,  which temporarily waives deposit requirements for victims looking to escape their dangerous situations and establish a new residence .  The case marks the second time a court has upheld the law, with a federal court affirming it in January.  The Mississippi Rural Water Association filed both lawsuits naming the PSC and each Commissioner individually as defendants. 

“Once again, a court has ruled in favor of our efforts to protect the health and welfare of vulnerable domestic violence victims.  I look forward to putting this rule to the great use of helping victims make a fresh start,” Presley said. 

Presley introduced the rule in 2013, with full PSC approval in September, 2014.  The rule was modeled after similar efforts in Louisiana and Texas.  For more information on the Domestic Violence Ruling contact the PSC at 1-800-356-6428 or online at