Saturday, August 15, 2015

Public Service Announcement for Area Employers

Today, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) announced a call of action to help local employers that have job openings in the Starkville, Columbus and Louisville areas of the state fill these positions. Special assistance will be provided to employers by MDES Representatives servicing these areas by taking job orders and filling these vacancies. The primary focus will be on part-time job openings and some full time work meant to help local employers find qualified and dedicated workers to fill vacant positions within their businesses. With Mississippi having one of the most advanced online job systems in the country, employers can simply create an account and MDES can match that business to available candidates based on the employer’s job opening’s requirements. Employers can even actively invite potential candidates to apply for an opening, and it is All FREE! A team of MDES Representatives will be visiting the Starkville, Columbus and Louisville areas meeting with employers explaining just how simple they can have the right person working for their business at just the right time.

If you are an employer in the surrounding areas of Starkville, Columbus, and Louisville but have not been contacted by an MDES Representative and have one or more job openings, call us at: 1-888-844-3577 and follow the menu prompts. For Employers Only: The post jobs prompts are #4 and #2.


MDES – Working for Employers – Helping Mississippians get jobs!