Tuesday, August 25, 2015

U.S. Congressman Visits Louisville

1st District Congressman Trent Kelly was in Louisville on Monday and took the opportunity to visit with local citizens. Kelly thanked the community for its support and noted that he was blessed to serve the 1st District. He spoke of his faith and his service in Iraq.

"It's a big blessing to be here to serve you. I'll do everything I can to do what's in the best interest of this District" said Kelly. "If you have a problem, I want to hear it. Come to me with a solution or a partial solution."

Kelly indicated that his transition to Washington was made easier by maintaining most of staff already in place in Alan Nunnelee's office and his relationship with Congressman Greg Harper who had at one time served the area.

Kelly has been appointed to the Agricultural and Small Business Commitees of the U. S. House.

Kelly, from Saltillo, won a special election to replace Congressman Alan Nunnelee who passed away in February of this year.

Congressman Kelly spoke to locals at the Winston County Chamber of Commerce in Louisville on Monday