Thursday, August 13, 2015

Winston Sheriff Asks the Public to be on Lookout for Suspicious Individuals

The Winston County Sheriff is asking the public to be on the lookout for two individuals who have been reported at two separate locations in the county today and acting in a suspicious manner.

On one occasion, two men in a dark red 4-door car approached a property on Brooksville Road asking for money to claim the body of a family member who had been killed in Noxubee County.

 In another incident on Old Robinson Road, a similar male approached a homeowner asking about a vehicle parked in the yard and asking questions about other people at the residence. This individual was driving a 2003-2007 tan Chevy extended cab pickup.

Winston County Sheriff's Deputies are on patrol and would like to find these individuals. One black male is described as having missing front teeth, the other as possibly having dreadlocks.

If you see either of these vehicles or individuals that fit this description in your area or if they approach your home, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 662-773-5881. Take extra care to observe their direction of travel, vehicle, clothing and tag number.