Sunday, August 2, 2015

Winston Sheriff Testing Body Cameras

Sheriff Pugh with new
bodycam to be used by deputies
The Winston County Sheriff's Department will begin testing body cameras this week. The Sheriff's Citizens Advisory Board has provided funding to purchase 2 cameras and the department is testing these cameras before considering further purchases.

The high definition video cameras record sound and take still pictures as well as recording video. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes, these cameras can be used as a bodycam or they can be mounted inside a vehicle. 

Said Sheriff Jason Pugh, "Given the circumstances of the world we currently live in, we realize the need for these cameras to protect our officers and to also protect the public. Unfortunately, we live in a TV world where people want to see video. These cameras can provide documentation of events that may occur during, before and after an arrest or incident."

The City of Louisville has also begun the use of cameras with its patrol officers as well.