Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Broadband Service To Be Extended to Over 130,000 Potential Customers in Rural Mississippi

September 1, 2015, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced that broadband service will be expanded to rural areas in Mississippi resulting in 136,509 potential customers. The 50.8 million dollars in federal funding from the Connect America Fund (CAF) will allow telecommunication companies to expand broadband service into previously unserved rural areas in Mississippi within the next five years.

The Federal Communications Commission established the CAF to pay for expansion into rural parts of the country which would otherwise be unaffordable. Its latest Broadband Progress Report states that one in three Americans living in rural areas lack access to broadband internet service.

“Access to internet is crucial in today’s society. In the 21st Century people deserve the opportunity to have internet access in their homes, whether their homes are in downtown Jackson or rural Mississippi. This funding puts us one step closer to bridging the broadband gap,” Presley said.

Frontier Media accepted $816,996 in CAF funding resulting in 2,528 potential customers in Mississippi. AT&T accepted 50 million in CAF funding resulting in 133,981 potential customers in Mississippi. Expanding rural broadband service has been one of Presley’s main goals since his election to the PSC in 2007. For more information about broadband internet service contact the PSC at 1-800-356-6428 or online at