Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Celebrate Your Library

It has been my privilege to have worked at the Winston County Library as a children’s librarian. The ladies I worked with have been a blessing and support to me while in college and now that I am a certified general education teacher. They have continued to support my endeavors in my classroom.

The library offers so much to us as citizens: free computer usage (adults and children), research material on the computer and book shelves, books for our enjoyment; Early Learning Station computer for children (loaded with educational games), and books to use in the classroom. 

Did you know teachers can register with the library to use books in your classroom? I am currently enjoying this offer to teachers, and so are my second grade students. We have a special red wagon where I place all of the books. Math and science are the subject areas I teach, so I try to take advantage of the books on my student’s level (this helps my second grade reading teacher, too). Yes, the Winston County Library took the time to label fiction and non-fiction books, so we know the Accelerated Reading level of each book. If the books are new they may not have an AR level written on the binding, but as soon as Renaissance gets them in their system – the librarians put them on the books (thanks ladies). We read the books after quizzes or test to keep noise down for other students. During the week, we also have a special center that allows us to read after we complete work at that center. My students and I wanted to send a special thanks to the Winston County Library for their support in our classroom.

Submitted by: Julie Chase