Thursday, September 17, 2015

Louisville City Officials Meet - No Flag Vote

The Louisville Board of Aldermen met in a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday evening, Sept. 15 with a full agenda. While the issue of the state flag was not on the agenda or specifically addressed by the Board, there was a packed boardroom with supporters of the current flag and those who wanted to have the flag removed from city property.

After the completion of the agenda which included payment authorizations, setting hearings for unclean property, hiring and training authorizations for city employees, Mayor Hill acknowledged the presence of the crowd and their reason for attendance.

Hill reiterated his position that changing or removing the state flag was a matter for the state. He noted that the community should be focused on the activities that were taking place in the aftermath of the tornado, including the expenditure of almost $62 million in industrial repair and infrastructure work over the upcoming budget years.

“My request is to defer to your state leaders and my request of you, regardless of what your position is- to talk to your state leaders. ……..If and when the state flag changes, it will be changed right here. I will personally change it if that will satisfy anyone. I humbly ask that we stand by the oath we took when we took office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Mississippi.

Hill asked for any further comments from Board members on the matter. The Aldermen did not add any input into the issue and the Board moved on to other items.

There was little public comment after the meeting as supporters of each position gathered outside Louisville City Hall.