Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Embrace Relief Provides Funds & Food For Winston County At WMC Health Fair

Fatih Ozcan is shown here with State Senator Giles Ward 
who told the organization this benevolence is so deeply appreciated.

Organizations continue to provide assistance to Louisville after our April 28, 2014 tornado. On Monday at the Winston Medical Center Health Fair, the Muslim organization "Embrace Relief" participated by  provided funds and food to the community.  Embrace Relief is a organization based in Houston, Texas and locally in Jackson through the Turkish Culture Center.

 Said Fatih Ozcan a Mississippi representative for Embrace Relief, " This is a holy month for the Turkish community and in honor of that they have provided funds in the amount of $3,883 to Winston Strong and 400 lbs of meat to the community. Oxcan indicated that Embrace Relief will continue to raise funds throughout the year for Louisville.