Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mississippi Sends Two More Emergency Management Specialist To South Carolina For A Total Of Seven

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency deployed two more staff members to South Carolina over the weekend to support the historic flood disaster recovery. Mitigation Office Director Jana Henderson and Floodplain Specialist Brent Miller drove over Sunday to begin a two-week mission. This brings the total to seven MEMA personnel assisting in South Carolina after requests through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

MEMA Public Information Officer Brett Carr, Logistics Chief Don Wilson and Operations Officer Zac Houston, Floodplain Bureau Director Stacey Ricks and Individual Assistance Specialist Angela Grant are the previously requested staffers.

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact is an agreement signed by all 50 states and the U.S. Territories and allows for state-to-state support during disasters. The expenses for all the deployments will be reimbursed to the state by South Carolina.

MEMA is identifying additional resources that may be needed and is prepared to send more support if it is requested.

For more information on the flooding disaster, visit the South Carolina Emergency Management Division website

To learn more about the Emergency Management Assistance Compact please visit

MEMA will update this mission on its website,, and through its social media outlets Facebook and Twitter.