Monday, October 5, 2015

Welcome to Pearson Plumbing Supply- Louisville's Newest

Winston Web News would like to welcome Pearson Plumbing Supply, LLC as a new business in Louisville and a sponsor. Pearson Supply is located at 459 Old Robinson Road and is owned by the Pearson family. Pearson Services has been in business over 30 years in Winston County providing plumbing and related services.

Jerry, Ellen, Dustin, Laura and staff welcome the public as they now provide a local retail outlet for all your plumbing supplies including: water heaters, commodes, sinks, faucets and fixtures, pex pipe and fittings, steel, galvanized and pvc, gas heaters and lines, venting supplies, etc.

Store hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday (open during the lunch hour) Contact them at 662-773-8111 or by email.