Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wyatt Waters Will Be At Winston County Library, Dec. 1

Wyatt Waters paints a variety of subjects in plein air using transparent watercolor. His work has been featured in Art & Antiques, American Artist, Watercolor Magazine, Mississippi Magazine, and Delta Magazine. His paintings are held in private and corporate collections. He has had solo shows at the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, the Meridian Museum of Art, and the Jackson Municipal Art Gallery.

Winston Plywood Weekly Update Report 11-27-15

The City of Louisville is posting progress reports on the construction of the Winston Plywood facility on a weekly basis. Click here to view the report submitted on November 27, 2015.

Information can also be found on the Economic Development Partnership page at:

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Winston County Republican Women Show Appreciation

Winston Co.Republican Women Anne Nance and Jane Wood delivered homemade cookies to the Louisville Police Department and Louisville Fire Department as thanks and appreciation for their service to our community in keeping us safe. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Watch Out for Those Thanksgiving Leftovers!!

Thanksgiving is here. There will be a lot of food available for most of us and our dogs get some fine treats over the holidays. Turkey carcass is by far their favorite.

Cooking a turkey is really not that complicated but it does take
time. In the last few years, frying the Thanksgiving turkey has become popular but not something that I have attempted. My friend Mark almost burned his house down when he set a grease fire in his garage while attempting to deep fry a Cajun turkey. His mistake was pretty typical. He had a little too much turkey, a little too much grease, a little too much beer and not enough of a pot.

Our cooking problems are minor when compared to that but we do have one issue. We have had to throw out a lot of Tupperware over the years. There are only three of us in the house and leftovers present a problem for us. We don’t know what to do with them.

I grew up on the farm in a big family. When we finished at the table, we didn’t have any leftovers and if we did it was because nobody liked the dish the first time around. So I have a natural aversion to anything that isn’t fit to consume completely the first time it’s put in front of me. Couple this with the fact that leftovers tend to creep to the back of the refrigerator shelf and hide behind expired milk cartons where they hope to survive long enough to mutate into some malevolent life form. We usually clean out the fridge before they become seriously dangerous but only after they stain the bowl and start to eat through the plastic in an attempt to free themselves. Since last New Year’s Day, we quit taking the lids off of leftover containers if any unnatural growth is exhibited, as I had a rather unsettling experience with a casserole left over from the previous Thanksgiving. It had expanded to twice its original size and I still swear it took an aggressive posture by pointing a couple of asparagus spears at me. Nowadays, we don’t take any chances. We just toss the whole thing – bowl and all.

But except for leftover mutation, I never considered cooking around our house to be a life threatening experience – until I picked up the mail a few weeks ago. One of Tracy’s favorite magazines for recipes arrived. Just inside the shrink wrap was an urgent warning in bold print “Potential Fire and Explosive Hazard”. It caught my attention. The warning stated that following a recipe previously published in their magazine could result in a fire hazard or even cause an explosion. A corrected recipe was attached.

It really wasn’t necessary.

In our library of cookbooks, there are enough non-lethal recipes that we won’t find it necessary to resort to this one. And even though they might add a spark to our mealtime experience, I believe we can live just fine around our house without exploding dinner rolls.

I don’t know if anyone has been harmed or maimed by this recipe. I assume the warning was just precautionary. It’s beginning to look like everything even recipes will have to soon carry a safety label to limit liability. Maybe a generic label that can be applied to any food product or recipe is the answer:

“Do Not Remove This Tag Under Penalty Of Law! Caution!! Tag is not edible.
Do not use this product in a manner inconsistent with its design. Do not attempt to prepare, cook or consume this product while standing on the top two rungs of a ladder or while blow drying your hair in the shower or tub. Excessive consumption may cause drowsiness so do not drive or operate heavy machinery. We assume no responsibility for weight gain or flatulence from product consumption. If food allergies, fire or explosions result from the use of this recipe, discontinue use.”

Hope ya’ll enjoy our holidays- read your recipes closely and watch out for those leftovers.

Louisville Lions Induct New Member

The Louisville Lions would like to welcome our newest member, Adam Horton to our Lions Club family. Lion Harry Tabor inducted Adam on Tuesday, November 17, at the club's regular meeting. Adam is pictured shaking hands with his sponsor, Lion Terry Arnett.
Pictured left to right: Lion Harry Tabor, Lion Terry Arnett and new member Lion Adam Horton.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hospital Construction Process Takes Several Steps Forward

The Winston County Board of Supervisors met on Monday,
Current site of completed demolition and new
construction of Winston Medical Center
November 23 and after much discussion approved a new ground lease that is another step in the rebuild of a Winston County Medical Center that was destroyed in the 2014 tornado.

Supervisors had some concern about liability to the county and taxpayers if the project should run into financial difficulties but received assurances by the County Attorney and representatives of the Butler, Snow Law Firm, who is handling the process concerning New Market Tax Credits for construction, that the taxpayers would have no financial liability. Under the lease which will extend until 2065, the Hospital Foundation will have all responsibility for the construction process, financing and operation of the new facility.

Supervisors also expressed concerns about the overall cost of the
project and had questions concerning financing and funds made available by the issuance of the tax credits. As of this time, funding will be provided by insurance proceeds, roughly $10 million in proceeds from new market tax credits and financing from Renasant.

The ground lease is just one step in the process. A bid opening was held on Monday afternoon on a variety of bid packages for construction. Held at Louisville City Hall, bids for up to 28 bid packages were opened and will be immediately reviewed. Sources indicate that approval of bids should be completed sometime today (Wednesday)

Because of the complexity of the bids and the nature of the projects, a final total projected cost is not known at this time but we will have further details as they become available. The estimated closing date for the tax credits that will help to fund the project is December 7th and the Hospital Board is expected to meet in mid December for lease and operating agreement approvals.

Does Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?

Turkeys have been the victim of awful rumors for many years – not the least of which regards their potent ability to induce coma in those that consume their meat every year at Thanksgiving. But is that really true? Can eating Turkey cure the most defeated insomniac?

Bennett's Black Friday Specials

Bennett's Do-It Center will close at Noon today but come by and see us on Friday and Saturday- Area's best supply of Traeger Grills and Yeti Coolers!!

We'll match Traeger's rebate with a gift card. Great time to buy these wood pellet grills before Christmas.... and.... Yeti Coolers and products 20% off - 50% off on T-shirts!!

Don't fight the crowds on Black Friday. Shop local at Bennett's Do-It Center at 823 S. Church in Louisville . Have a Great Thanksgiving!!

Winston County Master Gardeners "Yard Of The Month"

The Winston County Master Gardeners are pleased to announce the December "Yard Of The Month" winner. This honor goes to Helen & Bill Goldmon at 202 Gage Street.

Helen and Bill Goldmon have worked hard to make their yard a gardener's haven. We were attracted to the front yard initially. The yard is neat and well manicured. The house is so uniquely built that
it brings to mind a fairy tale cottage. It is cozy and seems to welcome you to come and rest for awhile. Imagine our surprise when we entered the back yard and found that it actually surpassed the front in its loveliness. The yard is fenced in and lined with shapely Crepe Myrtles. These trees are impressive even when they are not in bloom. I can't wait to come back next summer and see the beautiful show of blooms.

Helen seemed a tad embarrassed that her yard was picked as yard of the month. She claims that it is not very pretty right now. It seems that the Crepe Myrtles had been underplanted with rose bushes. Over eighty roses have recently been lost to disease. That is surely heartbreaking for Helen and Bill, but their yard remains breathtaking even with the loss of the roses.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nanih Waiya DAR Hosts Vietnam Veterans

The Nanih Waiya Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution hosted a luncheon on Thursday, November 19 in honor of area veterans who served in the Vietnam War. Held at Market Cafe, the event commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the war in Southeast Asia.

Arnold Dyre, a Navy veteran and retired lawyer spoke to the group about the Vietnam Service Medal awarded to all members of the military who served in Vietnam.

Dyre also spoke of Louisville native, Larry Cunningham, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously. U. S. Army Staff Sergeant Cunningham was mortally wounded by enemy fire in the Phuoc Vinh Province  on December 3, 1968 as he provided covering fire to allow for his team's evacuation after their reconnaissance mission was ambushed by enemy forces.

Veterans who attended the event received a Vietnam War Veteran's pin from the DAR.

Winston Web has additional photos from the event. These photos can be found on our Photo page by clicking here

Winston Garden Club News

Betty Sullivan is shown here with Mike Skipper who spoke to the Winston Garden Club at their November meeting. Thank you Mr. Skipper for an informative talk.

The Winston Garden Club's Soup Sale that was held at the Winston County Court House was a great success. Thanks goes out to all the customers that stopped by to pick up a bowl of homemade soup and some cornbread.

submitted by Gwynn Hall

Got Your Flu Shot Yet?

Monday, November 23, 2015

LMSD 2015 Reading Fair Winners

The Louisville Municipal School District recently completed the District Wide Reading Fair. Students from all grades and schools participated in the program. Designed to allow students to share their favorite books and place emphasis on complex and informational text, the Fair encourages reading and collaboration to develop a life long love of reading. First place winners will participate in the Regional Fair held in Jackson on March 4th. The winners are shown and listed below.

Winston Plywood Weekly Update Report 11-20-15

The City of Louisville is posting progress reports on the construction of the Winston Plywood facility on a weekly basis. Click here to view the report submitted on November 20, 2015.

Information can also be found on the Economic Development Partnership page at:


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda- Nov 23

The agenda for the Winston County Board of Supervisor's meeting on Monday, November 23 is now online. To view the agenda - click here

Winston County to Provide Severe Weather Warning Notifications with CodeRED Weather Warning

Winston County – November 22,2015 – Winston County has recently updated its account with Emergency Communications Network, providers of the CodeRED high-speed notification solution, to provide the CodeRED Weather Warning service for the community.

CodeRED Weather Warning is an opt-in only weather warning product that taps into the National Weather Service’s Storm Based Warnings. CodeRED Weather Warning automatically alerts affected citizens in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued. Calls are delivered so quickly they often arrive prior to any other public notifications, usually before television or weather radio broadcasts are aired, which will provide Winston County extra time to prepare. Based on the National Weather Service’s polygon methodology, only citizens in the path of projected weather are contacted.

Louisville Lions Club Donates Money For Body Camera

The Louisville Lions Club recently held a fundraiser by asking the public to sponsor a flag on the by-pass in memory or in honor of a veteran or loved one. Some of the proceeds have been donated to the LPD for the purchase of a body camera for a patrolman. The check was presented to Police Chief L.M. Claiborne on Thursday, November 19_.
Pictured from L to R: Lion Club members Mike Dowd, Harry Luke, Diane Luke, Club President William McCully, Chief L.M. Claiborne and Assistant Chief Andy Taylor

Friday, November 20, 2015

Eiland Middle School Teacher Receives Exxon Grant

Limited Availability For Carl Jackson Tickets

There are still a few Carl Jackson "Home For Christmas" tickets available. For more information or to purchase tickets, stop by the Winston County Chamber Office or call 662-773-3921. Below are listed the number of tickets available and the show times:

4pm Show: 9 seats available

7pm Show: 4 seats available

Get Ready for Black Friday Sale at Bennett's Do-It Center!! Nov 27-28

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Threatening Text Messages Result in Noxapater School Lockdown and Arrest of Suspect

The Noxapater Attendance Center went into a lockdown this morning, Thursday, November 19, after a student brought a series of threatening text messages to the attention of school officials. Principal Chet Wilkes informed WinstonWebNews that a high school student had received text messages from an adult individual who threatened her life and that of another student. He also threatened to “shoot the school” in at least one of the messages.

Wilkes indicated that the Winston County Sheriff’s Department was immediately contacted and the school went into a lockdown around 9:45 am. Wilkes indicated that the lockdown did not disrupt the normal schedule of the school and classes continued as normal. Outside doors were locked and Sheriff deputies remained on the property until the suspect was apprehended around 12:45. The lockdown ended before 1:00 pm . There was no evidence that the suspect was ever on or near the campus during the incident. He was taken into custody by Philadelphia Police.

Parents of students were contacted through the District’s AIMS system and provided information on events at the school.

The suspect in the case, Regionate “Reggie” Sanquez Triplett is a 22 year old resident of Philadelphia and is being held by law enforcement in Neshoba County. Sheriff Pugh indicated that Triplett faces 2 charges of Cyber Stalking and the District Attorney is in the process of reviewing other possible charges in the case. Triplett is also being held pending additional charges in Neshoba County.

Principal Wilkes wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Winston County Sheriff Department and deputies for their prompt response and assistance.

LMSD Superintendent Ken McMullan stated, “We followed our protocol in these situations and performed a lockdown. We are appreciative of the support of Sheriff Pugh and the Philadelphia Police Department. Our security officer worked well with local law enforcement and we will continue to monitor the situation.

As is often the case in these types of events, rumors flourish. Rumors of threats against the basketball team and other students are unfounded. wwm.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Storm Brings Limited Damage to Winston County

EMEPA Crews working to restore power
on Shiloh Road this morning
Storms rolled across Winston County and most of our area in the early morning hours on Wednesday, November 18. High winds and heavy rain affected the entire area but the western and southwestern  edge of the county was hardest hit.

It is yet to be determined if damage in the Four Corners area and along the northern end of Shiloh Road was the result of straight line winds or if a small tornado may have developed. Several hundred residents were without power for a period of time as EMEPA worked to removed downed trees from power lines. As of 11:00 am this morning, the company was reporting 82 residents still lacked power.

Preliminary reports indicate one injury on Hwy 19 near the Hwy 25 intersection when a tractor trailer  struck a downed tree in the highway. The driver was transported toWMC with non-life threatening injuries. Other reports in the Shiloh Community include downed trees and power lines, limited structural damage to a home carport and one vehicle was heavily damaged when a tree fell across it.

damage on Shiloh Rd
damage on hwy 25 S near the
Winston Co line

damage on hwy 25 S near the 
Winston Co line

damage on hwy 25 S near the 
Winston Co line

MSU Offers Horses in Online Auction

 Bidding is underway on a variety of horses from the Mississippi State University research herd. MSU is offering 24 horses, registered with the American Quarter Horse Association, through an online auction that will conclude at 6 p.m. Nov. 21. The sale includes five 2-year-olds that have been started under the saddle, five yearlings and 14 weanling's. Prospective buyers can read descriptions of each horse and see photos and video at

“Opening bids range from $300 for weanling's to $1,500 for 2-year-olds,” said Clay Cavinder, equine specialist with the MSU Extension Service. “All of the money from the sale will go back into the horse programs, classes and research conducted through Extension, the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.”

Each horse is available for viewing at the MSU Horse Unit. For an appointment, contact Jamie Speed, an agricultural technician with animal and dairy sciences, at 662-769-2875.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weather Info for Winston County Area

Our area is under a flash flood watch until noon on Wednesday. We are also under a wind advisory til 6:00
radar at 3:45 pm- Tuesday
pm today. Sustained winds of 10-25 mph with gusts of up to 40 mph possible.

Areas to our west and south may experience more weather related issues than our immediate area later this afternoon and evening and into the early morning hours. While severe thunderstorms and tornado activity is possible, the National Weather Service indicates currently that those risks are "limited". Our area should be subject to heavy rain and possible flooding this evening and into Wednesday. A squall line should move through our area tonight and into the early hours on Wednesday morning.

If severe storms should develop across the area, these storms could be capable of producing high winds and tornadoes.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Louisville Police Respond to Two Separate Shooting Incidents Over The Weekend

The Louisville Police Department responded to a call on Vance Street around 1:39 a.m. on Saturday morning at the Club Classic. An altercation led to shots fired and resulted in four minor injuries. Three individuals required medical attention. One suspect is sought and has been identified.

In a separate incident, police were called to the 500 block of Warner Avenue due to a report of shots being fired. This occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. Witnesses said a small,dark,gray car stopped in the street in front of a residence and fired shots into the home. There were no injuries and police are still investigating at this time.

 Said Chief L.M. Claiborne, "There appears to be a rash of shootings in the community recently. We will do our best to find and remove the individuals responsible from our community."

If you have any information on either of these incidents please contact the Louisville Police Department at 662-773-3511 or Winston County Crime Stoppers at 662-773-9999.



PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is asking residents to prepare for severe storms that are possible for Mississippi Tuesday into Wednesday.Meteorologists with the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center say the storms will be capable of producing severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, tornadoes and heavy rainfall causing flash flooding.

A flash flood watch has been issued for 77 counties in Mississippi. Heavy rainfall of two to four inches, with higher amounts in some areas, is possible which could cause flash flooding. High winds could bring down trees and powerlines. Never approach downed powerlines, and always treat them as active.

“Mississippi is no stranger to severe weather in November,” said MEMA Executive Director Robert Latham. “The most important thing you can do is know how you will receive an alert of severe weather in your area, and how you will respond to it. If you encounter a flooded roadway, remember ‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown.’ Take the time now to discuss your family’s plan with every member of
your family.”

The storms will begin moving through parts of Mississippi Tuesday afternoon, and will continue into the overnight hours. Many weather related deaths and injuries occur after people have gone to bed, so it is important to know how you will get an alert of severe weather in your area after you have gone to bed.

There are many ways you can be alerted to severe weather warnings:

  • NOAA weather radios: An essential tool that should be in every home or business.
  • Wireless Emergency Alert Messages: Make sure these notifications are turned “on” in your phone settings.
  • Smartphone Apps.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Local radio and TV stations.
  • Community tornado sirens.

Winston Plywood Weekly Update Report 11-13-15

The City of Louisville is posting progress reports on the construction of the Winston Plywood facility on a weekly basis. Click here to view the report submitted on November 13, 2015

Information can also be found on the Economic Development Partnership page at:

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Winston County Supervisor Agenda - Nov 16

The agenda for the Winston County Board of Supervisor's meeting on Monday, November 16 is now online. To view the agenda - click here

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Marcus Thames First Annual Baseball Camp

Date: Friday, November 27, 2015
Registration: 8:00 – 8:45am
Camp: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ages: 7 – 16
Location: Louisville High School, 200 Ivy Avenue, Louisville, MS
Cost: FREE

Join Marcus Thames on  Friday, November 27th for a morning of baseball fundamentals and FUN! All campers must submit a registration form and signed waiver in order to participate. A form can be downloaded by clicking here. Please return completed forms to Charlie Smith, Louisville High School Baseball Coach or email to by November 20th. All campers must come prepared with their own helmet, glove and bat.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Suspect Sought for Vehicle Theft/Other Crimes Across the Area

UPDATE - THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN RECOVERED IN HUMPHRIES COUNTY, MS EARLIER TODAY(11-13-15)..THE SUSPECT IS STILL AT LARGE. The Winston County Sheriff's office and other area law enforcement are looking for this man, Fredrick
Tyrone Rush, in connection with the theft of a truck from the Hinze/Mt Calvary community on Sunday morning , 11-8-15, around 5:30 am.

Rush is a black male, 33 years old, 5'9" tall and weighing approximately 240 lbs. The stolen vehicle is a 1994 Ford single cab F150.

Rush is wanted in connection with several similar thefts across Kemper, Neshoba, Winston, Attala and Choctaw Counties. Some reports indicate that Rush was last seen in Attala County.

If you have any information on this or related incidents or if you have seen Rush or the vehicle, please contact the Winston County Sheriff at 662-773- 5881 or Winston County CrimeStoppers at 662-773-9999.

Local Branch and MS State Conference NAACP Speak on Initiative 42

Many locals were disappointed that the Initiative to level the playing field for poor families and poor school districts failed.  Without better education, this will keep the impoverished in poverty.  Is that what our country really want?  If so, that means the tax payers will continue to have the burden to take care of them via government programs, according to Charles Hampton, president of the Winston County Branch NAACP and 1st Vice President of the MS State Conference NAACP. The way it was placed on the ballot was meant to be confusing for voters.  He also stated that locals worked diligently on a door-to-door campaign to pass the initiative.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Three County Schools Prepare for High School Football Playoffs

In what is a common event in Winston County, area schools are either advancing in the MHSAA playoffs or preparing for their first round games on Friday. Last week, Louisville easily defeated Itawamba in their first round of the 4A North Region playoff by a score of 36-9. The Wildcats will host Greenwood this week who defeated Ripley 19-14. The winner of this matchup will play the winner of the Kosciusko - Senatobia game.

Nanih Waiya will host Salem in the first round of the 1A bracket as they hold a #1 seed in Region 3. The winner will play the French Camp-Lumberton winner in the second round.

Noxapater, by virtue of their #2 seed in 3A will play host to Stringer on Friday night. The winner here will face the winner of the Resurrection Catholic - Sebastapol game.

All game times are 7:00 pm. Go out and support our local teams.

Winston County Republican Women Donate American Flag

“Ouida Donald representing the Winston County Republican Women is pictured presenting an American Flag to Tim Flake, Ranger at the Legion State Park and Harry Tabor, Chairman of the Friends of Legion Park, to be displayed in the Lodge at the Park. “

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Winston Medical Clinics Now Accepts United Healthcare and Humana

All three convenient locations of Winston Medical Clinic are now accepting Humana and United Healthcare insurance plans including United Healthcare CAN. In additional to tranditional Humana health insurance plans, Winston Medical Clinic will also be accepting Humana commercial PPO, HMO, Medicare PPO, HMO, POS and Network PFFS plans.
"We continually strive to expand our offerings," says Debbie Fryery, Director of Clinic Operations. "Adding Humana to our list of accepted insurers allows us to better service the residents, employers and workforce of Winston County," she added.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Two Injured in Shooting in Louisville on Sunday Night

Louisville Police Officers responded to a "shots fired" call on Sunday night (11-8-15) at 505 North Court Avenue at  11:00 pm.

Upon arrival, officers found two individuals with gunshot wounds. One, an adult male, had been shot in the lower leg. The other, a male juvenile had been shot in the groin. The adult male was transported to Oktibbeha County Hospital, while the juvenile was taken to University Medical Center in Jackson. Authorities have no further information concerning their condition as of Monday morning.

Witnesses stated several black males in a dark SUV may have been involved in the shooting. LPD continues to follow up leads in the case. Anyone with information about this incident should call the Louisville Police Department at 662-773-3511 or Winston County Crime Stoppers at 662-773-9999.