Monday, November 23, 2015

LMSD 2015 Reading Fair Winners

The Louisville Municipal School District recently completed the District Wide Reading Fair. Students from all grades and schools participated in the program. Designed to allow students to share their favorite books and place emphasis on complex and informational text, the Fair encourages reading and collaboration to develop a life long love of reading. First place winners will participate in the Regional Fair held in Jackson on March 4th. The winners are shown and listed below.

Division A
Kindergarten Fiction
First Place: Laura Eaves--Nanih Waiya

Division B
1st Grade Fiction
First Place: Ace Edwards--Nanih Waiya

Division C
2nd Grade Fiction
First Place: Emily Eaves--Nanih Waiya
Second Place: Chance Curtis--Noxapater

Division D
3rd Grade Fiction
First Place: Braley Dickerson--Nanih Waiya
Second Place: Kyla Cole--LES
Third Place: Vontavious Triplett--Noxapater

Division E
4th & 5th Grades Fiction
First Place: Kelli Thomas--Noxapater
Second Place: Jaylee Stokes--Nanih Waiya
Third Place: Skyler Tucker--LES

Division F
6th & 8th Grades Fiction
First Place: John Atwell Dillard--Nanih Waiya
Second Place: Zatavia Ingram--EMS

Division G
9th - 12th Grades Fiction
First Place: Callie Roach--LHS
Second Place: Jillian Gregory--Nanih Waiya

Division H
Grades 3 - 5 Non-Fiction
First Place: Brayleigh Stoots--LES
Second Place: Morgan Gay--Nanih Waiya
Third Place: Shelby Boatner--Noxapater

Division I
Grades 6 - 8 Non-Fiction
First Place: Nicholas Jackson--EMS

Division J
Grades 9 - 12 Non Fiction
First Place: Maya Clay--LHS

Division K
Grades PreK - 2 Group/Family Project
First Place: Karlee & Wade Sullivan--Nanih Waiya
Second Place: Jacob Charlton--Noxapater
Third Place: Mimi Williams--FES

Division L
Grades 3 - 5 Group/Family Project
First Place: Kade Hollingworth--Nanih Waiya
Second Place: Jaden Porter--LES
Third Place: Taylor Hamilton, Jade Woods, Maddie Parker

Division M
Grades 6 -8 Group/Family Project
First Place: Marlee Eubanks, Abby Stewart, Madison Alford
Second Place: Shakindra Hunt, Kearra Johnson, Alexandria Love