Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winston County Master Gardeners "Yard Of The Month"

The Winston County Master Gardeners are pleased to announce the December "Yard Of The Month" winner. This honor goes to Helen & Bill Goldmon at 202 Gage Street.

Helen and Bill Goldmon have worked hard to make their yard a gardener's haven. We were attracted to the front yard initially. The yard is neat and well manicured. The house is so uniquely built that
it brings to mind a fairy tale cottage. It is cozy and seems to welcome you to come and rest for awhile. Imagine our surprise when we entered the back yard and found that it actually surpassed the front in its loveliness. The yard is fenced in and lined with shapely Crepe Myrtles. These trees are impressive even when they are not in bloom. I can't wait to come back next summer and see the beautiful show of blooms.

Helen seemed a tad embarrassed that her yard was picked as yard of the month. She claims that it is not very pretty right now. It seems that the Crepe Myrtles had been underplanted with rose bushes. Over eighty roses have recently been lost to disease. That is surely heartbreaking for Helen and Bill, but their yard remains breathtaking even with the loss of the roses.

Helen prefers plants that bloom. She has a large sample of these in her yard. Besides the Crepe Myrtles, there are camellias, gardenias, lagustrum, Indian Hawthorne, azaleas, and pansies.

There is also a lovely seating area under the carport where Helen and Bill rest after working in their garden. This area is filled with chimes, potted plants, and unique knick knacks.

The Goldmon's residence is our final yard for this year. We will resume our "Yard of the Month" in April 2016. Take the winter months to plan, prepare, and plant new specimens in your yard. We look forward to meeting you and enjoying your gardens.

Thank you for your interest in the "Yard of the Month" articles. We look forward to continuing our quest in April 2016.

Happy gardening!!

Submitted by: Diana Northcutt