Thursday, November 5, 2015

Winston Garden Club Yard of the Month

 I have always admired the work of the artist Thomas Kinkade. It speaks to one’s sentimental side and seems to enhance the simple pleasures of life. He once said that his goal as an artist is to bring a sense of peace into people’s lives through the images he creates.

Our November Yard of the Month recipient might well have been in a Kinkade painting. This yard is cozily nestled into the corner lot of Park and Water Streets – 209 Park Street. The proud owners of this charming property are Marjorie and Ester Taylor. They downsized from a two acre country home to Park Street about twelve years ago. Marjorie claims she fell in love with the place immediately.

The yard is compact, neat, and lovingly cared for. Large containers overflow with colorful flowers. Marjorie planted two hundred begonias this past spring. When playful neighborhood dogs made a playground of her flower bed she cheerfully planted an additional two hundred. Her current blooms include pansies, geraniums, mums, camellias, and some lingering impatiens. Resurrection ferns cling to ancient majestic trees in the front yard. Two large potted ferns flank her front porch stoop.

Marjorie is as charming as her idyllic surroundings. Go by and take a look at her beautiful yard. Thomas Kinkade would be proud.

Submitted by:
Diana Northcutt