Monday, January 4, 2016

New Winston County Board of Supervisors Meet

The Winston County Board of Supervisors met for the first time in
2016 with two new members. The Monday morning meeting dealt primarily with organizational issues and beginning of the calendar year requirements.

By unanimous vote, District 2 Supervisor Luke Parkes was elected as Board Chairman and District 1 Supervisor Burr Warner was elected as Vice President.. The remainder of the agenda primarily dealt with housekeeping issues before the Board entered into executive session to discuss employee issues and contract reviews and renewals. Supervisors acted on the following:

  • Retained Hugh Hathorn as Board Attorney
  • Approved bonds for new personnel including Darlene Bane- Tax Assessor, District 3 Supervisor - Marion Jordan and District 4 Supervisor - Ralph Goss.
  • Adopted a holiday schedule and hours of operation for county personnel
  • Provided 2nd qtr appropriations for the Sheriff and Tax Assessor's offices.
  • Acknowledges receipt of uncollected real and personal property taxes to transfer responsibility from the outgoing Tax Assessor to the incoming Tax Assessor.
  • Approved purchase of a truck for District 3 at state contract price.
  • Approved payment of the quarterly billing  for E911 to the City of Louisville in the amount of $25000.
  • Approved payment of invoices to MAS Insurance and Renasant Insurance in the amounts of $46,589 and $2317 respectively for property insurance.
  • Approved expenses for Supervisors Duran, Jordan and Goss to attend the MAS Conference.Approved payment of court reporter expenses.
  • Authorized the purchase of new computers for the Chancery and Circuit Clerk's office to replace existing ones.
  • Approved the costs to remove 2 antenna from a C-Spire tower at C-Spire's request.
  • Approved hiring of a full time deputy in the Sheriff's Department.
  • Acknowledged a DEQ request for a county solid waste enforcement officer.
Paul Black of Winston Medical Center was also in attendance and took the opportunity to introduce the new Chief Operating Officer of WMC, Octavious Ivy, to the Board.