Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Day Shooting in Winston County

Winston County Sheriff’s officers responded to a 911 call around
9:00am on Friday (New Years Day) in the 200 block of Hayes Road in the High Point community. Upon arrival, officers found two men fighting on the floor of the home and one of the individuals was later determined to have a gunshot wound to the stomach.

The wounded man, Derick Loving, was transported to a Columbus hospital where he is currently reported in stable condition.

Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh indicated that the altercation developed when William Daniel Ettinger of Vicksburg came to the home to retrieve a checkbook and debit card from the female resident of the home. It is believed that there was a prior relationship between Ettinger and the female.

Pugh said that the situation escalated and shots were fired by Loving and Ettinger but that the investigation of the event was ongoing.

Ettinger has been charged with aggravated assault and breaking and entering and is currently out on bond. Pugh says more charges may be brought as the investigation continues.