Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Newly Seated PSC Reduces Electricity Rates in First Meeting of 2016

Customers of Entergy Mississippi and Mississippi Power Company will see a decrease in monthly bills after the first meeting of the newly constituted Public Service Commission today. The Commission, now chaired by Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley, approved several changes to each company’s monthly customer bill to ensure that they recover the actual costs of operation and not a utility projection of costs. An average residential Entergy customer will see a decrease of around $6.80. Average Mississippi Power residential customers can expect a reduction of $13.70.

“Our job as a Commission is to make sure utility prices are set at a level that serves the interest of the public, not produce excessive profit to utilities. To do this we have developed some very good mechanisms to track what our utilities spend and we adjust customers’ bills accordingly. Every penny saved on an electric bill is a penny that can be spent elsewhere in the Mississippi economy,” Presley said.

Today’s reductions are a result of the Commission policy of tracking specific utility costs through riders. Through these riders, the Commission can make periodic adjustments to rates when actual costs are known, saving the public and utilities money by quickly implementing cost-based rates without going through a costly, traditional rate case.

For more information about the Public Service Commission and how it tracks utility costs, call 1-800-356-6428 or visit