Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Experience Works at Dean Park

L to R: Jerome Moncrief and Florence Thompson after transplanting pansies

The Friends of Dean Park, Inc. (FODP) announces that it recently signed a new contract with Experience Works to continue to be a host agency for two senior citizen trainees – Jerome Moncrief and Florence Thompson. Experience Works is a national, charitable; community based nonprofit organization that helps seniors get the training, support services, and job development assistance they need to find good jobs in their local communities. Experience Works began in 1965 as Green Thumb, a rural demonstration project that provided work for struggling farmers. Florence Thompson and Jerome work in harmony together with the FODP members. They recently completed a class on building a greenhouse with Dr. Jeff Wilson of MSU at the county extension office.
The senior trainees’ responsibilities include weeding, watering, fertilizing and mulching plants; trimming/clipping hedges, roses and other shrubbery as needed; planting and transplanting flowers, trees and other plants; placing dirt, rocks and landscape timber around plants; picking up litter, glass and debris inside the park and along the fences; planting and caring for vegetables in the raised beds; raking leaves, limbs and brush and helping as needed with events and activities in the community.

The FODP and the Dean Park Commission are very appreciative of Jerome’s and Florence’s dedication work in the park and in the community. They know what their job is and do it with little supervision by keeping the park clean and groomed as well as help with other community projects that the Friends of Dean Park, Inc. is involved with. If there is anyone, who wishes to hire good landscape assistance, please contact us. Richard Moncrief 662.736-3323 or Elmetra Patterson 510.672-2106.