Monday, February 29, 2016

Grenada Taxpayers to Save $8,000 Annually Through PSC/Entergy Program to Cut Electric Bills at Schools

Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced today that the Grenada Public School District will save approximately $8,000 each school year thanks to the Commission-approved “Entergy Solutions Incentive Program” administered by Entergy Mississippi, Inc.

The company enacted the program in compliance with a major 2013 energy efficiency rule passed by the Commission. The rule, which garnered Mississippi the distinction of being named the nation’s most improved state in energy efficiency, requires measures such as customer education programs, energy audits, rebates and other incentives. Earlier in the school year, Grenada School District took advantage of the program by replacing 74 fixtures in four different gyms and fixtures in their central office with more efficient devices. The work was completed by Grenada Facility Manager, Jeff Pickle.

“This money saved each year by the Commission-approved initiative is money that can now go toward books or improving classrooms for today’s students. I am always proud to see tangible results and real savings especially when it is our public school system that is saving money,” Presley said.

“The Grenada School District is just one of many customers that have taken advantage of the Entergy Solutions program, which is proving to be very effective at helping customers save money on their utility bills,” said Jim Lyles, Entergy Mississippi line supervisor in Grenada. “The school district will enjoy significant savings for years to come through its participation in the program.”