Friday, March 18, 2016

Groundbreaking of Shelter/Cafeteria at Nanih Waiya

LMSD board members, faculty with other county and state government officials attended the groundbreaking ceremony held at Nanih Waiya Attendance Center Thursday, March 17, 2016. The event begins the process of  building their new cafeteria/storm shelter.

LMSD School Board Representative Mark Dillard said, "This event is the initiative of a project where a group of people recognized the need within our district and sought out a solution. At the completion of this structure, this endeavor will provide our children with a safe place in which they will be sheltered from the storms of nature and will also provide parents with a peace of mind that their children are safe in times of trouble."

The total construction cost of the project is $1,349,000 of which LMSD’s obligation is $737,900. FEMA will fund 90% of the structure that is deemed to be storm shelter which will be used as cafeteria area. The remainder of the structure which will be the kitchen area and include kitchen equipment costs must be fully funded by LMSD.

The project architect, Joey Henderson told attendees that they are looking at having construction completed on or before the Christmas holiday season this year.

Nanih Waiya Attendance Center Principal Belinda Swart

LMSD Trustee - Mark Dillard

LMSD Board President Sheila Hickman
Site of new construction