Thursday, March 24, 2016

Insurance - Landfill Dominate Supervisors' Meeting

The Winston County Board of Supervisors agenda on Monday,
March 21st was dominated by insurance issues and the City / County landfill. The Board was briefed by Steve Roberts of Renasant Insurance concerning the current property policy of the county. Roberts noted that there would be a significant Insurance savings and in some cases, lower deductibles on property. After a detailed discussion of items that are covered, deductibles and policy terms, the Board voted to renew the current policy.

The Board also spoke with representatives concerning employees health insurance. Supervisors were informed that there was some good news in terms of employee claims which should help possibly reduce premiums for the upcoming year. Jack Gordman of Gordman Insurance reviewed claim and employee statistics of the county and noted that like most other insured organizations , about 80% of claims were filed by only 20% of employees. Gordman indicated that Blue Cross Blue Shield look to be the best option but they were still shopping for the best price and the best policy at this point.

Supervisors also opened bids for two concrete culverts - one to be built placed on McCully Road and the other on Sturgis Road. The Board received six bids and after review, accepted the lowest bid of J&M Construction for $326,414.80. This was roughly 30% below the estimate.

The Board also accepted a bid from Hancock Bank to provide financing for the lease purchase of three new Sheriff Department vehicles. These vehicles will include two Dodge Chargers and one Ford Explorer to be financed over 48 months.

The Board agreed to pursue a Community Development block grant up to $600,000 to assist the Liberty - Plattsburg Water Association for repair and upgrade work. The Association will also need to look at Rural Development options for possible combination grants and loans to complete the project that could cost as much as 2.3 million dollars.

The Board also heard from Kenny Morris representing the Louisville / Winston County landfill concerning the county share of required funds, the upcoming construction of a new cell and a more detailed discussion of tonnage fees and use of landfill. It was noted that the tonnage fees at the landfill are some of the lowest in the area as well as the County's garbage pickup fee, which is one of the lowest in the state. There was further discussion concerning the possible increase of tonnage fees and garbage pick-up fees. The Board voted to raise tonnage fees for users outside of the county to as much as $24 per ton. Any fee increases at the landfill would have to be agreed upon by the City of Louisville.

Supervisor Marion Jordan of District 3 raised the issue of possible use of county provided garbage cans similar to those used in theCity of Louisville. Other Supervisors noted that the use of individual garbage cans has usually been done when solid waste collection has been contracted out to private firms. Concerns about cost , theft, re-tooling garbage trucks and the limited amount of garbage that such cans would hold have been factors in the past for not considering their use. .