Monday, March 21, 2016

LMSD Recognizes Parents of the Year

In their regularly scheduled board meeting on Thursday , Trustees of the Louisville Municipal School District recognized each school's Parent of the Year and the District Parent of the Year. Parents recognized for their work and involvement in their schools included:
Shundal Holmes   - Fair Elementary
Len Miller       - Louisville Elementary
Rachel Lyon    - Eiland Middle School
Cindy Lucas   - Louisville High
Bert Jones      - Nanih Waiya
Cindy Wilkes  - Noxapater

Cindy Lucas was also selected as the District Parent of the Year. Lucas has been selected as a Parent of the Year on five separate occasions. ( Photo not available of Bert Jones - Nanih Waiya Parent of the Year) more photos available below:

Cindy Lucas - District Parent of the year and LHS Parent of the Year

Rachel Lyon - Eiland Middle School Parent of the year

Shundal Holmes - Fair Elementary Parent of the Year

Cindy Wilkes - Noxapater Parent of the Year

Len Miller - Louisville Elementary Parentof the Year