Wednesday, March 30, 2016

“Safety Town” Returns!

Last year, the Pilot Club of Louisville hosted its very first “Safety Town” event, and it was a wonderful success. The club decided to make “Safety Town” an annual club event, and this year “Safety Town” will be held inside the Louisville Coliseum on Saturday, April 23rd, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.
“Safety Town” is a totally free public service event sponsored by the Pilot Club of Louisville in conjunction with many city, county, and state civil and emergency departments. The event provides a fun Saturday experience for the whole family that is both educational and entertaining. Children learn valuable things that can help them live more safely, and know how to respond more appropriately in emergency situations. Whether it’s learning what to do in a home fire emergency, a potential abduction, or how to protect themselves from internet crime or human trafficking, “Safety Town” is an event that Winston County families should not miss. The event is open to all Winston County children aged preschool to eighth grade, and we long to see a good attendance of all ages.

Last year, both kids and adults enjoyed the event tremendously, and Pilots did, too. We were delighted to hear testimonies from those who attended about how much the kids had learned, and how much fun that learning was. That is exactly what we hope to accomplish with “Safety Town.” Kids enjoyed getting inside emergency mobile units such as a police car, fire truck, ambulance, and a helicopter, and they personally interacted with the trained professionals who use them every day. They saw a demonstration that shows what happens to a passenger who isn’t wearing a seat belt when a crash and roll-over occurs; and they participated in a demonstration of a home fire escape in a mobile unit created for that purpose, and learned how to get out safely.

Lunch will be provided, and there will be a face-painting booth, “jumpers’’ and a magic show to add an extra element of fun for the children. We are especially excited about this year’s event, and enthusiastically encourage Winston County families to put “Safety Town” on their calendars, and make definite plans to attend with their children.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and no pets are allowed. Guests will both enter and exit by the front door of the coliseum, and each individual will need to register and be provided a lunch ticket. A good portion of the coliseum parking lot will be cordoned off for the helicopter, but it is a very large area so there should be plenty of parking. Should there be an overflow, guests could park in the parking lot beside the tennis courts, and walk over.

Louisville Pilots and Anchors are very much looking forward to serving Winston County families once again at “Safety Town” so come have fun with us on Saturday, April 23rd!