Thursday, April 7, 2016

City Meets with Retail Coach

City of Louisville officials met with Scott Emison, a representative
of the Tupelo based firm Retail Coach on Tuesday, April 5th in their regular meeting agenda. The firm was hired by the city to explore and gather information on recruitment of retail and restaurants to the area. Emison provided information on the market demographics and the consumer population in and around Louisville and indicated the consumer pull potential was approximately 27000 people. He also noted that information had been gathered to track Walmart customers to determine their home locations. This information found that consumers from the areas of Starkville, Ackerman, Kosciusko and Philadelphia also shopped in the Louisville area.

Emison gave the board some graphic information in terms of population makeup of Louisville and Winston County area and provided a sample list of potential retailers and restaurants that might have future interest in the area.

Emison also noted that efforts have been made to find and encourage developers to possibly build additional retail space and noted that Louisville might be able to support another power retail center. He also recommended and offered workshops for downtown businesses and franchisee workshops to support existing businesses in the community.