Tuesday, April 19, 2016

LMSD Moves Toward Audit to Improve Energy Efficiency

Louisville Municipal School District Trustees recently voted to issue a RFQ (Request for Qualifications) for assistance in conducting an energy audit of all school facilities. Trustees met with a representative of one firm in their last scheduled meeting, who provided information concerning the benefits of such an audit.

According to the Mississippi Development Authority’s (MDA) Energy Division – “An energy audit is the first step towards saving money and improving the energy performance of a public facility or building. Local governments and educational institutions can save a significant amount of money by upgrading their facility’s lighting and HVAC systems to more energy efficient systems and sealing openings in the building envelope to close the gaps where conditioned air escapes. An energy audit evaluates a building’s energy use and prioritizes energy saving measures to help public officials develop feasible, cost-effective energy projects.”

Oversight relative to the audit would be done by MDA who certifies potential contractors. No funds would be committed unless a sufficient energy savings could be documented and met. If energy savings are proven to be sufficient to justify systems and lighting replacement, etc., low cost long term financing would be available to the school. The energy savings would have to meet or exceed the cost of modernizing any facilities.

Maintenance personel with the school informed board members that the current boiler systems in three schools; Louisville High, Eiland and Noxapater are not efficient and difficult to find vendors to repair and that the electrical service was inadequate in some schools to handle some of the newer technologies such as Prometheus boards.

After discussion, the Board voted to issue an RFQ and pursue the option further.