Friday, April 15, 2016

WeatherFest 2016

To celebrate National Library Week 2016, the Winston County Library lined up a host of great programs for the public to enjoy. One such program was "WeatherFest", held April 14, 2016 at the Louisville Coliseum. WeatherFest was sponsored by WTVA, Channel 9 and Meteorologist Matt Laubahn, Joel Young and Katie Burch among others.

The program, for kids grades 4-5 and the public focused mainly on tornado preparedness. With the help of the Young Meteorologist Program, a free digital program introduced by PLAN!T NOW and its partners, Matt and Joel discussed tornado's, how to prepare for them and what to do if one hit.

The kids also had some face-to-face interaction with our area First Responders and tours of the vehicles that perform the tough jobs during severe weather.

To play and learn more on how to be prepared for severe weather with  the "Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure" on your home computer, go to