Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Winston Co. Supervisors Review Initial Drawings for Construction Projects

Rendering of proposed new government building
Winston County Supervisors heard from representatives of Pryor and Morrow Architects and Engineers
concerning two construction projects in the works. Initial plans and drawings were provided; for the renovation of an existing structure (known as the Bagwell building) into court facilities and the construction of a new government building behind the Winston County Courthouse on the site of the existing annex structure.

The Bagwell building now owned by the county will be converted to a courtroom with a lobby and sufficient offices. Several small issues related to handicapped accessibility through sidewalk repair and rear access of the building will need to be finalized with adjoining land owners before plans can be finalized but requests for bids could likely be submitted in the next 60 days.

rendering of proposed court building
There is more concern about issues with the new government building. The Mississippi Department of
Archives and History (MDAH) is still considering a historical designation for the existing annex structure. Such a designation could prevent the construction of the new facility. See our previous article for more details.

If constructed, the new three story building would house Emergency Management, the Sheriff’s Office and a County Supervisors’ meeting room. The 13000 + sqft structure is designed to tie in with the existing courthouse in brick color and profile.