Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mayhem in the Magnolia State Set for Saturday - May 28 at Louisville Coliseum

Louisville's own - 'The Outlaw" J.D. McKay
Mayhem in the Magnolia State comes to the Louisville Coliseum on Saturday May 28th at 6:30 p.m. It will be the pro wrestling event of the year for the state of Mississippi.

The wrestling extravaganza began as a benefit for the legendary pro wrestler James Harris "Kamala the Ugandan Giant" and Bobby “Pork Chop” Cash, but it grew into a tribute to all pro wrestlers who have chosen to make Mississippi their home.

"Pork Chop" Cash
In addition to “Kamala and Pork Chop” other legends being recognized include legendary ladies champion Anne Casey, Jack Curtis Jr.( Vicksburg), downtown Bruno (Walls), Brickhouse Brown(Jackson), Kenny Massey(Utica) and King Cobra(Tchula).

All these legends will be recognized and honored at Mayhem and many will be in attendance. The card itself will open up with an “Open Door” Battle Royal with the winner to face the Pride/ EGO heavyweight champion "The Nightmare called Jeremiah" later in the event. The main feature of the event will be an eight team “Legends” tag team tournament featuring the best Indy talent in the state.

Also, Louisville’s own “The Outlaw” JD McKay will team with “Brother” Heaven Lee Love and The Rainbow Warrior and a special six man tag team bout.

Plus, in a challenge match "The Lord Humongous" will face any opponent brave enough to step up and take on the challenge.

There will be 11 big matches in all. Advanced “Golden Circle” tickets and ringside tickets are available from Doug McKay at The Fresh Market Grill on South Church Avenue. You can also call him at 662-803-1963.