Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Supervisors Push for Funding of Scenic Byway

In addition to normal business, the Winston County Board of Supervisors had several issues of
interest to discuss in their May 2nd meeting. The board met with County Engineer Jimmy Kemp related to a number of projects including the proposal that was just sent this to the federal government for grant funding to complete an additional 5.2 miles of the Mississippi Scenic Byway known as the Noxubee Hills Route.

If approved the Tiger grant would provide funds to pave the route from Highway 25 to Gum Branch Church on Sturgis Road. The grant would be as much as 3.6 million dollars. In an effort to get the grant completed in a timely matter, Board of Supervisors contracted with Mississippi State University for a required cost-benefit analysis. Kemp noted that MSU completed the project in an extremely timely manner and at a low cost.

The board also took up the consideration of limiting truck traffic on Landfill Road from the city limits to the landfill. There was discussion to limit all truck traffic or to allow unloaded trucks only. The board agreed to take the necessary steps to limit the road access to unloaded trucks only. To meet this requirement, notification will need to be published and this process has begun.

Kemp also noted that the project on McCully Road was nearing completion at which point work will begin on Sturgis Road and reminded supervisors that a section of Sturgis Road would be closed down for a period of time due to this construction.

District 1 Supervisor Burr Warner noted that there had been a number of complaints concerning noise and activity at a club located near the intersection of Highway 15 and the Hwy 25 bypass. Warner noted that he had had a number of calls concerned about noise,traffic and activity at the site.

Chief Deputy Keith Alexander indicated that the sheriff's department was aware of the problem and that the department had been at the site over the weekend and made several arrests including some drug arrests. Alexander noted that most of the problem stemmed not from local residents but individuals who came to the area in the early morning hours after leaving clubs in other counties such as Oktibbeha.

Alexander reminded the Board that there had been a discussion of an ordinance related to this matter in prior meetings and strongly suggested that the board take the matter up again and try to establish an ordinance that would close such clubs at a more reasonable hour.

Red Cross officials asked the Board of Supervisors for assistance in trying to find a location to place vehicles that would be provided by Red Cross for Winston County volunteers. They noted that they needed a place to store two vehicles.

Charles Hampton with the Red Cross said that there was also a need for a place to stage and a place to keep supplies. Board President Luke Parkes said that he was not sure there was a place available at this time but there has been some possible discussion of providing some space at the Teters building in the future.

The full agenda and board minutes can be seen on the County's website once approved after the next meeting.