Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Winston County Master Gardeners Yard of the Month

Summer will soon arrive in Winston County and the temperature will be climbing, but this month's Yard of the Month is a shady oasis. LaVonne Butt's home, located at 303 Ackerman Street, boasts a back yard that invites family and visitors alike to enjoy the surroundings.
The "Dawg Pound" is a shady outdoor structure that bridges the driveway and the area behind the house. There is comfortable seating and the soothing sound of a water feature behind it. The backyard is landscaped with calla lilies, hydrangeas, Lenten roses, hosts, and clematis, as well as daylilies, iris, camillias, and much more. Curving rock borders define the flower beds.

When visiting this yard, do not forget to walk through the front yard as well! Small beds of daylilies and Knock Out roses border both sides of the driveway, with landscaping near the front porch including a magnolia, azaleas,daylilies and more hydrangeas. Sitting on the front porch is a absolute treat with of view of this lovely variety of plantings.

Feel free to drop by this beautiful yard, walk around, sit "a spell" and get inspired! And don't forget to let us know of other yards in Winston County that will awe and inspire.