Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Zoning and FEMA Projects on Aldermen Agenda

The Louisville Board of Aldermen met on Tuesday evening, May 3rd. At the top of the agenda was a public hearing on a zoning appeal for the property located at 508 North Columbus Avenue. The owner had requested rezoning from an R2 designation to an R3 designation with the intent of placing an apartment building on the property.

Last year the Louisville Zoning and Planning Board denied the change in the zoning and that was supported by the Board of Aldermen. An appeal and later action required that another public hearing be held.

Tuesday night's hearing included statements from a number of residents in the immediate area. The petitioner indicated that the property would benefit the City of Louisville in terms of tax revenue and that there were two other apartment complexes in near proximity to this location. It was also noted that there was a need for additional housing in the community.

Those opposed to the petition noted that nothing has changed since the zoning board denied the petition a year ago and questioned the similarity of the two referenced apartment complexes to this proposed site. Noting concerns related to drainage and school traffic,those opposed to the zoning change also pointed out that there were more than sufficient apartment units in the community based on state averages. They indicated that the neighborhood is composed predominately of seniors who have their assets tied up in their home and they're concerned about loss of property market value.

Board of Aldermen members noted the need for growth but in general felt that this was not the place for an apartment complex but more likely a place for a single family residence. After further discussion, the Board voted unanimously to deny the change in zoning.

Several issues were tabled before the board related to Winston Plywood and the bridge financing required to finish construction projects. Major Hill noted that several things are close to completion including the purchase of the Ivy Park expansion and the property at 203 Ivy Avenue.

He'll also indicated that the proposed Street projects were ready to go but that like the purchase of the property on Ivy, the city was waiting on final FEMA approval. He said that once approval was received, they would be ready to advertise for bids on the street construction projects.