Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2nd Annual Winston County Master Gardeners Association Tour

On Saturday, June 25, 2016, 8:00 a.m. – 2 p.m., Winston County Master Gardeners Association (WCMGA) presents three gardens on tour and the Cultivating Patch. Don’t miss your chance to view different garden styles, ask questions, and see new and different plants. We are again offering door prizes so do not forgot to sign-in at each garden.

The Grand Prize is two wooden Adirondack chairs 
2nd place is a treated wooden trellis 
3rd place is an outdoor metal butterfly
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Garden Tour Locations:
1) Carolyn Hampton – 445 Hampton Road (Hwy 397 toward DeKalb, Left on Garrigues Road, Left on Hampton)

Who would have thought that hidden away off Garrigues Road is this small but beautiful lake and house with landscape that appears to be right out of a fairy tale. You would only find it if you are looking for it specifically. This property is owned by Charles and Carolyn Rash-Hampton. This couple moved back to Winston County from Milwaukee, WI in 1998 to build their home on this property where Charles was born and raised. Carolyn stated about her gardening, “I enjoy gardening not only because it is relaxing and an excellent way to exercise, but it is a hobby that Charles and I do together and we enjoy seeing our plants grow from small to great. My interest was sparked as a little girl when I helped my mom tend a vegetable garden. She always had flower beds at her 506 Camile Street in Louisville, MS. My mom, a widow, always had an extremely large vegetable garden and peanut patch to help feed her four children.” Some of the plants in Carolyn’s garden: Hostas, Stella D'oro Day Lily, Purple Cane, Seven Sister Rose Bush, Tiger Lily, Black-eyed Susans, Shasta Daisy, Zinnias, Hydrangea (Charles favorite), Hibiscus. Carolyn keeps a friendship garden around her by naming some of her plants after people that she received them from, i. e, 'Ms. Bessie Mae's purple plant'.


2) Brenda Jowers - 226 McCullough Rd (Hwy 14 East toward Macon, Left on McCullough Road)
We had a real treat for you this year. We had scheduled the daylily gardens of Marvin and Kendall Hemphill but unfortunately this year the daylilies bloomed earlier than usual. We are definitely rescheduling for next year and hopefully have better timing. Instead Brenda's garden will be on the tour again this year. Brenda has made several changes to her garden and likes to try something different each year. Her favorite challenge this year is a 4 ft tall planter of petunias and a large planter of ornamental sweet potatoes. Her garden is comprised mostly of sun loving plants and was designed to be deer resistant. Brenda landscape has many beautiful shrubs, ornamental grasses, crepe myrtles, and many flowering perennials and annuals. She loves sharing gardening ideas and answering questions. Brenda’s husband, David loves to garden vegetables and he makes garden furniture. The Adirondack chairs in the drawing are made by him.
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3) Carolyn Hisaw - 1146 Bond Road (for your SAFETY, please park on Webster B Road and follow the yellow ribbons to her yard. Please do not block mailboxes or driveways on Webster B. Visitors who are physically challenged, should enter at 1146 Bond Road)

Carolyn’s garden is like a woodland maze. She has 3 acres of garden with a house, tool shed and artist studio. It is much like public gardens that are seen as one travels around the country. It can compete with many of those internationally. Her garden has been in the making for 25 years at which time she and her husband moved to Winston County from Leflore County, Greenwood, MS. (her husband passed 4 years afterwards) .Except for a few trees, all of the trees, shrubs and plants were put there by her ‘green thumb’. She said she planted it all by ‘wheel barrel and shovel’. Outstanding in her garden is a Confederate Jasmine Vine, a Japanese Magnolia tree and plenty hosta throughout the maze. She has a variety of hosta which is widely cultivated as shade-tolerant foliage plants. The garden is mostly shade with sun peeking throughout the many trees. There is one area that is much like a forest of crepe myrtles of various colors. Hydrangeas are throughout the landscapes which most have very large blooms. Carolyn is an 81 year old master of gardening who said, “My mine works better out here in the garden”. She is also an artist who loves to paint as well as garden.
4) Cultivating Patch with Alex Cunningham (behind the Extension Office on Old Robinson Road)

This project was made possible through support of the Board of Supervisors of Winston County, Winston County Farm Bureau and private donors during the Spring of 2013. The purpose of the garden area is to provide individuals with the opportunity to grow produce for themselves and their family in an environment where they gain the skills to be successful gardeners. Presently, the winter crop is being harvests which include cabbage, onions, lettuce, red Irish potatoes and a variety of greens. Some gardeners have already planted summer plants which include tomatoes, squash, Crowder peas, green beans, herbs, eggplants, okra and cucumbers. A must see are the huge tomatoes. This garden will be educational to those who might want to try raised bed gardening at home. There are approximately 45 raised beds in the Cultivating Patch. Alex Cunningham and Tommy Hopkins are the main Master Gardeners volunteers who help the gardeners with watering and feeding.

It is the purpose of the WCMGA: 1) to assist the Extension Service of Mississippi State University accomplish its mission by providing easily accessible information about residential horticultural practices through educational presentations and use of the media; and 2) to provide a volunteer organization that completes community service projects which further the community’s understanding of and appreciation for the joy of gardening. All gardens are located in Louisville, Mississippi.

Photos are courtesy of Master Gardeners Elmetra Patterson

For more information call the Extension Office - 662.773-3091 or Master Gardener Brenda Jowers - 662.779-7900