Friday, June 10, 2016

Friends of the Winston County Library Appoint New Officers

New officers for the Winston County Friends of the Library were recently appointed.After serving as officers in Friends for thirty-two years, President JoAnn Brandt and Vice-President Sylvia D. Clark, are handing the reigns over to the new President, Theresa Bridges and new Vice President Marty Burks.

“JoAnn and Sylvia were founding members of our Friends of the Library in 1984, and I have worked closely with them for the 19 years I have been at the library,” said librarian Beth Edwards. “They have been wonderful to work with and they care so much about the library, but I know they will continue to visit us.” Edwards went on to say that “Theresa and Marty are so eager to get to work. I look forward to working with them and helping them any way I can.” Rhonda Porter, who has served as Treasurer for over 16 years, has graciously agreed to stay on in this capacity.