Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Winston Co. Resident Aids Sheriff in Arrest of Scam Suspects

Two Columbus area men were arrested this morning by the Winston County Sheriff after a chase on
Baucom                                     Barfield
Hwy 25 N in the county. Sheriff Jason Pugh indicated that a call and subsequent action by a local resident led to the arrests.

David Search Baucom of Columbus, a white male age, age 71 and Edger Poe Barfield, a black male, age 49 were taken into custody and charged with False Pretense. Baucom was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Pugh indicated that the two men are suspected of attempting to conduct a scam on local residents. The men are identified as individuals who approached at least one home on Monday and requested money – claiming that a family member had been involved in a bad accident and passed away and money was needed for the funeral arrangements.

On Wednesday, the men returned to the home, again requesting money. The homeowner became suspicious, called the Sheriff’s Department and followed the men onto Hwy 25. Guided by the homeowner, Sheriff Pugh was able to locate and stop the suspect’s vehicle and after investigating further, the two men were taken into custody.

Sheriff Pugh is asking anyone that may have been a victim of these men to contact his office. Reports have surfaced that these suspects may have been involved in similar incidents in Millport, Alabama.
Suspects' vehicle

suspects vehicle