Monday, July 25, 2016

Board of Aldermen Meeting-July 19

The Louisville Board of Aldermen met on Tuesday, July 19th in a regular meeting. Winston County Librarian, Beth Edwards provided them with an overview of the libraries activities over the past several months. This is similar to the report provided to the Winston County Supervisors on Monday.

The board also heard from airport board president Mike Forster concerning updates to the airport project which includes the progression of the hanger being built at the facility. The board made several payments including Davidson hauling for $86,212.85 and to Clear Water Consulting for a fee of $19,500.

During the board meetings hearings were heard on three unclaimed properties in the city this included 312 Pond Street. It was determined that the owner is attempting to clean the property and the board provided 60-day extension to complete the process. The property on 112 Kennedy was also reviewed. It was determined to have been cleaned the structure is determined to be okay but the lot is overgrown ottoman voted to give the owners 15 days to clean the property or the city will clean the property and build the property owner. The third property reviewed was 105 Terry Lane this property has been determined to be in compliance and has been removed from the unclaimed property list by the city.

The Aldermen scheduled a public hearing date of August 16th 2016 at 6:30 p.m. for public comment on the city's new zoning and comprehensive plan. More details will be available at a later date.
Aldermen also reappointed Edna Prisock and Annette Crabtree to the historic preservation commission for three-year terms.

The board gave the authority to the mayor to pursue the approval of advertising for the notice of bids for the construction of a new landfill cell. This process has been underway for a. Of time. Construction costs are estimated to be roughly 1.5 million dollars.

Police chief M.L. Claiborne received approval for changes to the in-car video policy and the Firearms policy of the police department. The changes to the video policy now include the use body cameras. The policies change related to the qualification and use rifles by members of the department.

The Aldermen conducted additional business that included the approval of training courses for 911 staff and Parks and Recreation staff.