Thursday, July 28, 2016

LMSD Welcomes New Teachers

A new school year always brings new challenges, especially for new teachers. The Louisville Municipal School District held a new teacher orientation program Wednesday for incoming first-time teachers in the district. The two-day event will introduce the new teachers to the district, provide them with information, allow the district to gather identification information for badges and allow the new employee to learn about basic employment issues including payroll, computer training and requirements of the district. Citizens Bank provided pastries, sandwiches and fruit for the teachers and staff to kick off the program.

The district will do a follow-up with all new teachers throughout the school year with a monthly visit to the classroom of any new teacher to deal with any questions or issues that the new instructor may have. Before the school year begins, Central Office staff will actually visit every new teacher’s classroom to verify that everything is in proper order, including making sure that all equipment works properly, lighting is correct and the classroom is properly equipped.

Superintendant Ken McMullan said, “Our teacher retention program has been successful. The number of new hire’s is down over the last couple of years."

The district has approximately 25 new teachers this year compared to other years when there have been as many as 35. McMullan indicated that retention of teachers is better due to providing more support for these first year teachers in events such as this orientation.

McMullan noted that one thing that has really improved in the district is the use of literacy coaches including Jenny Vowell, Lisa Horn and Jan Collier. He indicated that these coaches provide much support and resources especially for first year teachers. 

As McMullan addressed the group, he stressed the importance of their job and the impact and influence that they have on their students’ lives over the next nine months.