Wednesday, July 27, 2016

LPD Introduces New K-9 Patrol Dog Hagon

This is Hagon. Hagon is Louisville's new K-9 police officer.  Shown here with his partner, Officer Kevin Rushing, Hagon came to Louisville as a donation to the city from Fort Royal Virginia Canine Center, part of the U.S. Customs Border Patrol K-9 unit.

Said Rushing, "Hagon will be utilized as a narcotics dog within the city, he is not what is considered a bite dog." Hagon is about 2 years old and resides with Rushing. The team of Rushing and Hagon were recently certified and are now available to patrol the streets.

Rushing said,  "It is a different situation for me, I now have another life to worry about while I'm on patrol."

Police Chief L.M. Claiborne said that the department was looking forward to having a canine to help with drug enforcement in the community. Hagon will be utilized anytime there is a need to check for narcotics whether that's in a home or a vehicle.