Friday, July 22, 2016

Preserve Your Family History- Share It With Your Local Library

Let’s all take part in preserving our precious family history for future generations. How can we do that? By sharing it with our local library! Why the library? Because interested family genealogy researchers will always go to a library in the town or city in which their ancestors lived to find any family information.

The most asked question asked by a researcher is “Where did my family live?” and they are always thrilled to find photographs, bible records, obituaries or any other document detailing their ancestors lives. Newspapers are a great source, however newspaper research takes patience because there is no index of names. Most libraries have family files where this information can be stored.

So what should you share with your library that will help future generations? Family genealogy books or loose family papers (handwritten or typed), family stories, bible records, birth announcements, obituaries, funeral programs, marriage records, photographs or anything that qualifies as a document of birth, death, marriage, relationship.

The library will copy your records for free and return them to you immediately. You can wait at the copy machine with the library staff member if you’d like, while the records are being copied to ensure their safe return to you.

Your local library also welcomes old school annuals from local schools. Please don’t throw them away – give them to your library, or let them copy the annuals free of charge. These annuals are a wonderful source of family history and photos of local businesses.

You may even want to donate all your family records to the library upon your passing. Many people do this and their records are preserved forever and all future descendants have easy access to them. The Winston County Library has the Louis Taunton Collection, the Reed Kennedy Collection, the Ivy Collection and several others that are widely used by genealogists and family researchers.

Remember, homes burn, tornados destroy, descendants toss or are not interested in family records – give your family a guarantee of preservation by duplicating and preserving it in a second and safe place – your LOCAL LIBRARY!

Submitted by: Margie Gilmore, Reference Genealogist, Choctaw County Library with Beth Edwards, Winston County Librarian.